Adobe Softwares creates a lot of programs, many of which I found myself unfamiliar with until recently. Most people know about Flash, Photoshop, and Adobe Reader.

But those are not the only programs Adobe develops. In the past, it was a fairly large investment to buy the suite however recently, Adobe has lumped all it’s products together into its Creative Cloud platform with subscription programs ranging from $9.99/month to $49.99/month. A terrific solution for those of us on a budget.

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In addition to that here’s a quick guide to understanding the important Adobe’s software programs.

adobe softwares

1) Photoshop CC 2019 Adobe Softwares

Adobe Photoshop is a software program for image editing and photo retouching for use on Windows or MacOS computers.

Photoshop offers users the ability to create, improve, or otherwise edit images, artwork, and illustrations. Changing backgrounds, simulating a real-life painting, or creating an alternative view of the world are possible with Adobe Photoshop.

It’s the most widely used software tool for photo editing, image manipulation, and retouching for numerous image and video file formats. The tools within Photoshop make it feasible to edit both individual pictures in addition to large batches of photos.

2) Adobe Illustrator CC 2019

Adobe Illustrator is an expert vector-based drawing and design program. Used as part of a larger design workflow, Illustrator allows for the production of everything from single layout components to entire compositions. Designers use Illustrator to make posters, symbols, logos, patterns, icons, etc…

What is the difference between Vector and Raster?

The difference between vector and raster graphics is that raster images are composed of pixels, while vector graphics are composed of paths. A raster graphic, such as a gif or jpeg, is a range of pixels of various colors, which collectively form a picture.

A vector graphic, such as a .eps file or Adobe Illustrator File, consists of paths, or lines, that are either straight or curve. The data file for a vector image comprises the points at which the paths begin and end, how much the paths curve, and the colors that either border or fill the paths.

Because vector graphics aren’t made of pixels, the graphics can be scale to be very large without losing quality. Raster graphics, on the other hand, become”blocky,” since every pixel increases in size as the image is made larger. This is why logos and other designs are typically made in vector format — the quality will appear the same on a business card as it will on a billboard.

3) Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a prototyping application.

However, XD combines lightweight layout and drawing tools with a simple button linking to different artboards to simulate navigating through an app or site.

Moreover, we can publish results online directly from the application as an interactive presentation. Making it quick to share with project partners or clients.

XD is much easier to use than Illustrator or Photoshop, partly due to its small tool set.

4) Adobe InDesign

InDesign is a desktop publishing software application for creating flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, and books. Projects created using InDesign can be shared in both digital and print formats. InDesign is used by graphic designers, artists, publishers, and marketing professionals.

5) Aftereffects Adobe Software

With After Effects CC, users will have the ability to apply animation to texts like twirling names, spinning words, and rolling credits.

Moreover, the tool provides numerous methods for creating visual effects. Users can think of mind-blowing effects by blending images and videos. Additionally, through the use of key frames, they could add movement to objects such as logos, shapes, and animations.

In addition to that, in Adobe After Effects CC is a cartoon and creative compositing program made for animators, designers, and compositors; and utilized for producing motion graphics and visual effects for film, TV, movie, and the internet.

However, the program, which is part of Adobe Creative Cloud’s suite of video editing programs. Also, it is a standard in the movie industry in regards to creating motion graphics and visual effects.

6) Premiere Pro Adobe Software

  • Import video, audio, and graphics in a wide variety of formats.
  • Edit, manipulate and arrange these elements in a visual timeline.
  • Add effects, filters, titles, etc.
  • Export your edited video in a variety of formats, including videotape recordings, DV, DVD, and common Internet video formats.

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