Depending upon our physiographic we certainly always concentrate on beautiful, Homepage, services and contact me Page. But when you click on ” About Me page ”  you will find an uninteresting and loosely written About Me structure.

Of the many pages of a website, the “About Me” page is among the most important.

Why should we have an excellent “About Me” page?

People want to connect with real people

If you assess your analytics, then you will observe that your own“About Me” page is most probably among the most viewed pages of your website.

However, You may link if a bunch of individuals is involved in your organization. This will enable visitors to find out more. Add that you can be communicated with by users.

They may be interested in linking with you through networking. Because of this, you ought to keep an individual touch. Insert in the sure comedy or own flair, while maintaining a precise amount of professionalism.

Trust and Authority

You’ve been featured in newspapers, journals, or a few blogs, or you have received an award for your work, do not hesitate to mention it. People love learning from the best.

Ensure the contact info on your”About Me” page (that I talked about Including testimonials and videos on your”About Me” page can help you to not only gain trust with your readers, but it also builds authority in your niche.) is up-to-date.

It can serve as a great landing page

Since your”About Me” page is one of the most viewed pages of your site, you need to use it to direct your readers/customers to other relevant pages of your website, such as your social networking pages or any other resource page.

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about me page

Like every other page, your”About Me” page should have some sort of call to action. Decide what actions you want your visitors to choose, and ask them to take that action.

Get deeply involved with your readers or Visitors.

If Readers to this site can allow you to convert them from passing traffic. It is possible to add a snippet of your”About Me” to your sidebar or footer.

In case, there are readers that are too lazy to click on your”About Me”, they may read a brief snippet about you and be forced to take a look.

Defines the personality of Blog or Website

Contains some important information regarding service, your site, or organization. This is the place in which you describe your achievements and strong points, and a place in which you tell the readers about your company.

For example, a company’s”About Us”  should contain the following information: blog/website. Tells the reader what your site is all about, and that you are, what you do. The Achievements, your vision for the future, what do you do, and what all in upcoming days.

  • When was the firm founded?
  • Where the organization is situated.
  • The provider’s vision
  • The number of employees.
  • General description of what the company does.
  • Achievements and goals.

Given that, What do you believe a perfect”About Me” option should look like? Let me know in the comments section below.