Rules you must follow while creating a contact form

It is recommended to read this one before following the steps of creating your contact form in stabilized criteria. When you have a proper and neat contact form, the percentage of visits and message queries gradually increase. People will more likely to engage with you or for your service.

So to achieve that we need to follow some of the proper rules to implement the perfect strategy.

The contact form is a critical part of your visitors’ journey. Even if you’ve effectively sold them on whatever the website has to offer, a contact form could realistically ruin the experience for them if not executed well. Broken buttons, confusing fields, too many steps, a disorganized interface… Heck, even the placement of the contact form could disrupt the user experience.

The contact form will be a crucial part of the Vistors part. Even if you have effective sales or whatsoever you offer on your website. A contact form could damage the reputation if not implemented properly.

Some of the important contact forms.

  • User-Oriented Forms
  • Contact Form
  • Error Solving Forms
  • Payment forms
  • Membership Sign-ups
  • Email Subscription
  • Support Request

There are many ways of contact form in a WordPress site. Which doesn’t change is that the format and execution will be the same for all the contact forms. Specifically, when a contact form abides by all the rules, 78% of users can complete and submit them in a single try. When a contact form violates those rules, however, only 42% are able to do it in one attempt.

Proper Placement

Placement looks odd but this will be the important factor which can affect the user behavior an performance.

Many people just place the form in the wrong position and it won’t engage any audience properly. Contact us page should be visible to everyone and it should be present in the Menu bar. If no one can notice and result in bad customer experience.

The placement of contact us should be at the top right of the menu bar. Because of almost 80% of websites have contact form place at the top right of the Menu bar. So users when visiting the website they will first look over the contact form over the right of the Menu bar.

create contact form

A perfect neat Alignment

Alignment is also proper work need to polished for the contact form. Some just keep their contact form in a complete page. Just for example take the length of the contact form. Here in this image, you can see that the length of the contact form is quite large. ( Note: In some cases, it is mandatory to keep full-length forms. Without any strong action point it is not recommended to keep that big)

If the form requires only fewer fields you can just include fewer fields. If you need to require more fields you need to follow the perfect strategy to increase the user experience. The strategy is proved according to the studies of the aspect.

The study states that left form which has the text left aligned for the contact is formed is not eye-fetching and it gives a user a very bad experience. And on to the right, the text is placed on top and space is given below that. By placing the form in the improved form the user experience will be at the top level.

Include all necessary fields.

Many people think that the shorter forms perform well but it won’t work every time. In the recent testing that the form which has all important fields performed away more than the normal ones. So no matter what. if you have a contact form which requires all the respective fields. You must include them as well.

By this user thinks that the forms have some sort of value or else they will just ignore it.

Make the process simple

Here are The form needs to be outfitted to simplify the input procedure Irrespective of whether your users participate with your own contact form using a desktop computer or device, or whether they need technology to help them perform it.

You also need to take care of the view as well because your contact form design will look different from the mobile view. If it is not responsive then it may affect the user experience. Because of the Mobile view and desktop view will be different.


This feature is truly loved by all of us because it completes the sentence automatically without extra work. So adding Google Autocomplete Plugin will make the task simpler. It has many advantages as well. User experience increases gradually and also value to the contact form.

Because even many websites don’t offer this type of feature so whenever user see this. He is more likely to be intact to the website or service which you offer. So it will be a major upgrade for the contact form.

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