If you are new to WordPress, you may end up wondering, “what’s a WordPress plugin?”.It is a rather common question to ask because, along with being one of the numerous new terms that WordPress will introduce to your language, plugins are also a vital building block of each and every WordPress website.

In this entry, we will answer the question of”what’s a WordPress plugin? Then, we’ll provide you a couple of suggestions on where you can find WordPress plugins and ways to manage them on your website.


What Is A WordPress Plugin And How Does It Work?

A WordPress plugin is basically a lot of code which “plugs in” to your own self-hosted WordPress website.

In human terms, that means a WordPress plugin is something which adds new functionality to your WordPress site or extends existing functionality on your website.

They can make everything from small tweaks to enormous changes to your website. By way of instance, some can turn your WordPress website into a fully working eCommerce shop, social networking, or forum.

Among the advantages of WordPress is that enterprising developers have composed tens of thousands of WordPress plugins which you can add to your website.

How do they Work?

At present we won’t look deep into it because it involves coding and other complicated stuff. So in general…

To start using WordPress plugins on your site, you’ll need to:

  • Find a WordPress plugin that you’re interested in
  • Install on your WordPress site
  • Configure the plugin inside your WordPress dashboard

Can we use plugins anywhere, like in WordPress.com?

WordPress.com in short a software and custom made by which you cannot use in WordPress.com. You will need a self-hosted server to use them. You will get this feature in WordPress.org which is chargeable.

Where can we Find Plugins?

You can get plugins for premium or even for free. With free plugin, you can install and use the plugin without paying anything, though sometimes certain features are locked unless you pay money.

On the other hand, premium plugin, obviously, cost money, but often offer better features as a result.

Here are some of the best places to find WordPress plugin:

  • WordPress.org – the official WordPress plugin directory and one of the best places to find free WordPress plugins.
  • Code Canyon – a large directory of exclusively premium WordPress plugins.

Things to keep in Mind before installing them.

Plugins are created by third-party people. In short, the third-party coding will be usable in your WordPress Files. So you’re not recommended to download low rating plugins.

The low-rating plugin can cause…

  • Cause an error on your site
  • Open an unintentional vulnerability that hurts your WordPress site’s security
  • Slow down your site
  • Intentionally introduce malicious code

To avoid these problems:

  • Try to use plugins from reputable developers or directories (like WordPress.org or Code Canyon)
  • Read reviews and check how popular a plugin is before installing it
  • Check for the last time a plugin was updated to make sure it’s still maintained

Is it fine to install more than the required number of plugins?

The notion that more WordPress plugins equivalent to a slower site are not technically true…but it is still a useful concept for novices to bear in mind.

As you become more familiar with WordPress, you will likely see people telling you to not install too many WordPress plugins to be able to prevent “slowing your website down.”

However, as a beginner, you do not have the knowledge to evaluate the effects of each plugin.

It’s still a great idea to install the plugins that you need. Try to maintain balance and if you can work out with HTML then there is no need to install.

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