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You don’t know where you will find your valuable customer who really needs your service. A business card is one of the best marketing assets that keep your business identity with your customer all-time in his pocket. They are shared during formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid. While designing a Business card, it is necessary to keep your brand identity and minimal useful information only.

A business card can have different shapes based on the nature of your business. Regarding the type of Business Card shapes, it can be one of the following

(1) Rectangle Shape – Mostly Re commanded
(2) Square Shape – Have chipper printing cost
(3) Custom Shape – Used when you want to personalize your business

Most trending business cards have generally two-sided graphics. Most of the client often choose two-sided printing when they have good printing budgets. Once sided Business cards are re commanded only when to have less info and low budgets for printing.

Here are a few advantages of business cards.

  1. It tells people your name and the name of your business. It provides all of your contact information. It lets people know what you do
  2. It can tell others that you’re resourceful, creative and professional.
  3. Business cards are pocket-friendly are very easy to carry around while traveling.
  4. They are cheap and help in creating brand awareness. They also leave a positive impact on your clients or other business to business works.

Here at pxelperfect we are experienced in designing your Business cards and in addition to that we provide ideas and you can revise unlimited times if you do not like the particular design.  You can visit our portfolio to see our work and later you can opt for our service. We are looking forward to working with you and we you do not need to pay us prior. You need to pay only when the work delivered by us is satisfactory.

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