Know Something more regarding Infographics

This graphic asset can be use in different area like website, flyer, blog, posters etc. Infographic design is one of the powerful graphic assets that enhance your customers visual system ability regarding your business with no efforts. Why it is so? Because in this graphic design technique, your huge business data will be converted into small meaning full graphics, that represents your data graphically. In another way, it allows you to represent your business model plan in clustered way.

Infographic Types

(1) Mixed Chart : This includes different kind of charts to represent the business data
(2) List Infographic : This includes your text list with some relevant icon or graphics.
(3) Time Line : This looks how subject changes over time
(4) How to guide :  This is step by step guide to create something
(5) Flow Chart : This graphic starts from some single point and expands with different branches based on different dicision.
(6) Comparison : This graphics shows compare and contrasts two different subjects.
(7) Location : While having different locations and its data, this infographic is used to represent data.
(8) Photographic : This uses mostly photographs, combined with text to explain a point.
(9) Hierarchical : Infographic stack items of subject based on a predefined level
(10) Single Chart : It is a chart such as a Bar or line graph that visualize data on a subject
(11) Visualized Number Infographic : This adds images to statistics to make them more appealing
(12) Anatomic : This infographic beaks down what makes something “work”
(13) Visual Resume : It’s resume in an infographic form

Advantages of having infographics

  • According to the top Digital-marketer Neil Patel states that one need to have infographics in his blog or business to improve ranking in Google.
  • It can explain total content within 1 minute or less.
  • It is highly attractive and the user interest can’t be ignored.
  • It is easily sharable across Social Media and which in return increases the reach of our business.

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