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A business logo is a unique identity to represent your business. Since your logo is the first thing new customers will see, you want to make sure you get it right. There are 7 different type of logo, that gives you a different fill.

(1) Emblems
(2) Logotypes
(3) Monogram logos
(4) Brand marks
(5) Abstract logo marks
(6) Mascots
(7) Combination marks

The above image will give you an overall idea regarding how all the different logo types will look like. If you are facing the problem that which logo type for my Business? The the following details may be helpful to you.

(1) Why Emblems?
– The Emblems generally use if your brand wants to convey a sense of tradition and/or longevity.
– You are looking for your logo to convey a sense of gravitas.

(2) Why Logotypes
– You’re a new company that wants to get your name out there.
– Your brand has a short name that won’t feel overwhelming when plastered everywhere as a logo.
– Your name is your brand (e.g. you’re a photographer). Logotypes help reinforce the tie between visual memory and name recognition.

(3) Why Monogram logos
– You want the tie between your name and visual identity but have a really long name.
– You work in an industry where shortening your name to initials is common (looking at you, law firms!)

(4) Why Brand marks
– Your brand name lends itself to be being drawn literally. The Apple logo, for example, is a clear example of a brand name being drawn literally. It makes more sense for their brand to use a pictorial mark than a wordmark or emblem.
– You want to create a sense of brand personality with an image that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to with just your name.

(5) Why Abstract logo marks
– You want a pictorial element to your logo, but want to create a more serious tone than most literal pictorial logos create.
– You want something truly unique.

(6) Why Mascots
– You want to appeal to families or children. Your brand thrives on being fun, friendly and upbeat.
– You want something flexible that can grow with your company and be used in diverse ways.

(7) Why Combination marks
– You want the best of several worlds.
– You want a future-proof logo that can adapt and change with your business.

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