Know Something more regarding Low CPC Ad Campaigns

What is the service or Approach we do offer in Low-CPC Ad campaigns?

Basically, everyone wishes to get the advertisement of the company or business at lower rates as much as possible. But it depends on many factors. It is not possible for a normal person to determine those factors which can offer low-cost results.

How do we achieve those results?

We have an experienced dedicated team to achieve those results for you. We will consider factors based on your business model and the products which you offer.

What is Low-CPC and what are the platforms from which we can achieve it?

CPC stands for Cost-Per-click and the CPC increase dramatically when you have less CTR (Click-Through-Rate). To understand this concept, I will explain with an example:
If you have started your Product advertising. let’s say your Ad reached 1000 members and there are only 4 clicks out of 1000 members seen your Ad. Which means your Click-Through-Rate ( CTR) is only 0.5% which is low and increase your CPC and eventually total Ad cost.

Complete Quiz for better Analysis

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What do we do to avoid this?

We create campaign keeping the factors in mind so that when your Ad reaches to 1000 members and eventually your clicks will rise to 20. Which will increase your CTR by 2% which is considered as the right way of marketing. Moreover, at the same time, your Ad cost will be reduced drastically due to an increase of CTR.
In short, if your Ad performs very well you’re very likely to pay less for your Marketing. By this, you can achieve your sales, leads, click, Brand awareness at a very low cost.

Platforms which need to be concentrated

It totally depends on your content, if your business is related to Garments or E-commerce we can go for Facebook and Google Ads. For cheaper rates, we can prefer Facebook. No mater what can be the platform. The Ad campaign which we create will be successful.