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Do you have some unique idea? and want to grow in a short time? the mobile app is the way to fly over the world. However, along with your unique idea, it is also necessary to make your audience impress with 1st use of your mobile app. 1st impression is the last impression always works here with a competitive mobile app world.

As a design point of view, User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), both are so important here. UI allows you to provide an attractive and creative interface of your mobile app. While, User Experience is a deeply and logical placement of the designs, so the user will not face any trouble while using your application.

Mobile screens have some common types in terms of page category,
(1) Splash Screen
(2) Intro Slides before page launch
(3) Guide Tour (For step by step app use guideline)
(4) Normal inner screens (Login, Signup, home, dashboard, settings etc.)
And many more types based on requirement.

Why do you need to follow Mobile App Design before implementation?

However, it is not easy to assume designs and alignments in mind and start designing the app. If you’re App is solely depended on Blog it is fine. Because in Blog type of application the main focus will be just reading articles and just a few functionalities. Nothing more than that. If you want functionality like Booking Tickets or to purchase something. Then you need to first design screens with proper design and alignments. Later you can proceed with the final creation of Application.  On the other hand, if your application design is not proper or not aligned properly. It is impossible to get approved for iOS Apps. Because iOS Apps have special criteria and rules to get Approved for App listing in the App Store.

No worries, the App screens which we design are completely compatible with iOS parameters. So your App design will be approved for sure and in some cases, if it is not ap[proved we are ready to provide revisions for free of cost.

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