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It is necessary that your audience should keep updated with the changes in your business. News Letters or Email marketing is one of the powerful way to reach with your customer directly in their inbox. News letters will helpful to generate your website traffic, to increase your purchases, to deliver useful information and more…

While working with news letter, certain criteria should be taken care properly.  These criteria are depending on both, design as well as the coding of that news letter. If we don’t follow that criteria and rules, then email will be considered as a Spam / Junk, and there will be no any meaning of total efforts. Because most of the email users are not habitual of checking of Spam or Junk folders.

There are different rules predefined by different email service providers (like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc.) We, at Pxelperfect, take care of the design, considering coding and rules point of view also. So you don’t need to worry about those things.

Advantages of Newsletters

  • Newsletters are mainly designed to get quick attention from customers whi viewewd it. Moreover they are easy source to convey your message.
  • Whenever you want to do a social media promotion which insense can be email marketing. It will be the top priority of any Marketer. Because Newsletters can be designed with action buttons by which users can buy products directly.
  • It works so well if we use them for sending email for notifying about discounts because discounts cannot be for a long time and using Newsletters you can easily convey a message which will be for a limited time.

Here at Pxelperfect, we are experienced in GraphiDesigningng and we can design highy conversion Newsletter which can create you more sales. If you want to see our Portfolio to know us better you can click here.

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