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Know Something more regarding Whiteboard Animation

To represent video using whiteboard animation, makes your information memorable. White board animation is one of the trending and lower budget 2D animation that helps to explains your business in graphical way. While creating whiteboard animation, few thing must be taken care to make video output more efficient. The content should have to the point. Minimal text on screen and more elaboration with speech, takes your audience into more interest with your business.
The white board animation have some specific process to create end result in creative way.
(1) We gather your business information to understand the exact scenario
(2) Confirmation from client with minimal content screen wise
(3) We generate/sketch Graphic for each screen accordingly
(4) Voice over as per confirmed graphics (If Voice over is client’s requirement)
(4) Animation team work on animation as per confirmed graphics
(5) Setting up timeline of voice and animation
(6) Apply background soft music for more professional touch.
(7) Final Testing
(8) Deliver in video format
some of the tips which can increase engagement of your White Board Animation 

An excellent Storyline
No matter what, the core concept of your White Board Animation will be turning around the story. So whenever you proceed for White Board Animation you must have an excellent storyline.
Character Selection 
The next important process for your whiteboard animation is the selection of your character. The character which you select must be designed very well so that it grabs user attention.
Some Tips
You also need to concentrate on the colors of the total Animation. Th written text should be black and the background should be white in color. As obvious it is mentioned in its context itself.
Drawing Hand. 
If you see some of the Whiteboard Animation videos you will notice the visuals that someone is explaining with pencil or pen on the whiteboard which creates a natural feel effect. The above parameters can only make your whiteboard animation engaging and worth watching. Here at Pxelperfect, we are experienced to create high conversion animation video which helps you to pull up more visitors.

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