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We can terminate user service anytime in case of any abuse or disturbace created by the user.

Once the service is ordered or requested by the client on Pxelperfect. He/She is reponsible of paying the fees timely mentioned on the invoice generated according to the iternary.

Clients not accepting the ordered service will not be encouraged.

After completion of service there will be no refund and or cancelling the ordered service.

We have reserve the right the right to change the product prices at any time without any notice.

We Reserve the right to cancel certain orders which are intended to make fun or missguide.

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We don’t offer any membership content on our site.

We don’t accept payments for services directly through our website.

We accept payment through our site for Shop products and eBooks.

We ensure your payments are enscrypted and we will take full resposibility incase of any missing payment.

We secure your payments by 256bit encryption SSL. Which is safer to pay on our site.

We do require 3 working days for your payment to get refund incase of any site issue.

We provide you clear invoice on purchasing any product on our site.

You’re not suppose to Re-Sale the products which you have purchased from Pxelperfect.